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Master Photographic Crasftman ASP, PPA

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Douglas Scott Bliven


Douglas Scott Bliven Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman was the nationally known photographer in the Imperial Valley, California, USA.

The Master of Photography degree and the Photographic Craftsman degree  were bestowed on Mr. Bliven by the Professional Photographers of  America.  These are their highest degrees.

Douglas Bliven's portraits and scenic photographs have been on display in Europe and in the larger cities of the United States.

Year after year Mr. Bliven's protraits won international awards from the  Professional Photographers of America.  Mr. Bliven had been a  photographic judge of state professional photographers' competitions and  was invited to serve as a print judge for the International  Photographers Competition in Chicago.

Since 1955, Douglas Bliven had a portrait studio at 126 South 5th  Street, El Centro, California (formerly Hetzel's Photography).  Over the  47 years Mr. Bliven lived and worked in the Imperial Valley, he  captured countless faces and events from weddings, graduations,  political campaigns, dignitaries, judges, supervisors, and Valley  pioneers.

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